5 Tips For Engineering Job Searches

After you graduate from college, use these job search tips and land the engineering job of your dream in no time flat.

  1. Resumes Must Be Tailored To Meet The Specific Requirements Of An Opening.

Chances are good that your degree is not in general engineering. Most graduates specialize in an engineering field such as medical, aeronautical, marine, computer, mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering. The same types of problems are not encountered across the board. That why you must make sure that your resume reflects your field of engineering expertise. You boost your chances of getting an interview when you offer specifics about your particular engineering field. Make sure that the various engineering specialties, job opportunities, and employers you are targeting each has their own customized resume. Resumes with a personal touch are more attractive to employers.

  1. Boost Your Chances By Gaining Experience.

Your chances of getting that job significantly increase when you back up your educational attainments with practical experience. Complement your theoretical background by obtaining an internship or work placement. Based on the experience you gain in this position, you’ll be better equipped to make good decisions. You might even get hired after completing your internship or work placement if you perform well enough. As you look for employment, you can develop your career by obtaining a position as an apprentice. Here are some good tips to make you more marketable from Technical Resources.

  1. Take Advantage Of Specialist Recruiters And Professional Organizations.

Many engineering jobs are filled by recruiters who work online with new graduates. Drop them an email to find out about their career services and their schemes for graduate work training. You can network, find career advice, and locate good information when you join a professional body. Employers who see that you are a member in good standing in one of these organizations will view it favorably.

  1. Prepare Yourself For Your Interview.

Interview preparation involves two aspects: Technical and oral. Take the time to research a potential employer before you apply to get an idea of how they operate. In addition, take the time to reflect on how your education may help you to solve problems that you might face on the job. Your answers to this type of question will play a large part in whether or not you are offered the job. In some interview formats, you may be asked to do some practical engineering to demonstrate your abilities. Make sure that you prepare yourself for anything that might occur during your interview.

  1. Advice For Your Resume.

The resume you send to potential employers is your top marketing device. However, it’s likely to be a short one if you’ve just received your degree. The idea is not to have a long resume but to have one that focuses on the quality of your work. List your most important accomplishment in bullet points and make sure that the resume is easy to read. For example, in one of those bullet points, you may want to talk about your college engineering project. If your class rank was high, make note of this, as well. Never lie on your resume. Only give yourself credit for things that you actually did.

5 Facts about our 5 Favourite Air Con Units

There is a whole host of modern and advanced air conditioning units from world renowned brands over at Breeze Installations! Sometimes when it comes to technical appliances, figuring out the right model for you can be a bit daunting, but with this quick-help guide we can ease you into that process by giving you the stats and facts you require to make a well-informed decision!



  1. The impressive and innovatory design of the Emura air conditioning unit from world renowned company Daikin, was the winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2014 and the company has been listed in the Forbes Top 100 of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. With a reputable reputation, Daikin have being setting the bar high with their 90 years of experience, research and unmatchable hard work.
  2. The iconic Emura was launched in it’s first form back in 2010 and has since transformed in its later generations with first class function, unconventional aesthetics and advanced climate control technology.
  3. The Emura has a state of the art technological intelligence system including a two-area intelligent eye sensor that helps the unit control its functions. This eye can not only direct air flow away from the inhabitants in a room in order to avoid uninviting draughts, but the sensor also allows the machine to turn onto an energy saving mode when it detects that nobody is in the room.
  4. It has a 3D Air Flow System that distributes the air in a room evenly using vertical, horizontal and auto-swing louvres in order for it to remain at comfortable temperature. The Emura also has the ability to purify air down to the most minuscule microscopic dust particles – which ultimately diminishes viruses, bacteria and odour.
  5. Aesthetically, the Emura is an elegantly slick design available in silver, pure matt white and anthracite. It has considerably low noise levels and a seasonal energy efficiency level of up to 8.5.



  1. The Daikin Infinity Premium Series won the 2015 Japanese Good Design Award and has been established in the competitive world of air con for its unusual and sleek aesthetic. This premium series has been ranked highly amongst some of the best names in the business.
  2. The wall-mounted unit is similarly designed to the Standard Series and boasts a blend of autonomous style with its advanced functionality. The air con unit has a pearl white finish and contoured profile to add a glossy and luxurious look to its exterior case, allowing it to fit right in to your interior design scheme!
  3. The Infinity Premium Series unit also houses a small luminescent light to indicate different cool modes so that the home owner can see this change from a distance and switch it up using the wireless remote controller.
  4. The ergonomic wireless controllers have large LCD screens and offer options for an eco setting or a powerful setting, they also come equipped with a glow in the dark power button so that you have clear accessibility to your temperature control during the evenings!
  5. The Series comes with a highly intelligent sensor system created by the presence of a passive infrared sensor (PIR) which along with it’s sophisticated algorithm control, can make auto-adjustments on temperature, fan speed and direction of air flow. This allows the fan to follow you around meaning optimum spot cooling for your comfort and energy wastage reduction!


  1. Available in three glossy colours; white, silver and black, the Mitsubishi Kirigamine Zen air con unit is a contemporary and stylish, geometrical unit for that flawless interior finish. As pioneers of premium design units, Mitsubishi are at the forefront of product innovation, encompassing desirable aesthetics with forward thinking technology.
  2. Even in your absence, the air con unit can control the climate in your home or office using MeLcloud – a free app that enables you to access the controls via Wi-Fi from your laptop, tablet or smart phone!
  3. The Kirigamine Zen’s intelligent remote control means you can change your interior climate at any time in order to save energy.
  4. The noise pollution resides at a mere 2.1 decibels – a very silent change to some air con designs that can be heard rooms over!
  5. The Zen includes a built in weekly timer, making it ideal for office and work environments where it’ll be expected to be used most days of the week during specific working hours. You can change the timings or keep them stabilised so that there’s no need to reset them everyday. Efficient and brilliant.



  1. The revolutionary Panasonic R32 uses an unorthodox refrigerant that is simple to install, environmentally friendly and saves on energy use! Panasonic pride themselves on their ‘Greater wellbeing for people and friendlier to the planet’ initiative that stems from their new generation of R32 air con units.
  2. With greater energy efficiency and minimal consumption, Panasonic are determined to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce their use of our planet’s fossil fuels. In June 2014 a new EU F-gases regulation was put into place urging us to protect our environment by reducing harmful F-gas emissions from electronic devices such as heat pumps, switchgear and air conditioning units etc. Panasonic jumped the gun and immediately developed a way to incorporate less harmful gases in all of their domestic devices.
  3. R32 reduces charging volume by 30% and has a 10% higher efficiency than R410A and has been proven to be better for global warming. Although concerns have been expressed about the flammability of R32, the company have reassured that there would have to be a very rare and specific set of occurrences to cause ignition of the refrigerant.
  4. It has low toxicity and a similar boiling point to R410A – it’s also very easy to recycle and reuse!
  5. In the future, it has been proclaimed that gases such as R410A will be heavily restricted due to their environmental impact – so now is the time for change!



  1. There are 3 types of commercial air con units in the new Panasonic range; Commercial Single, Commercial Ventilation and Commercial PACi Twin, Triple and Double-twin System.
  2. Commercial System: to be used in commercial applications with one to one combinations such as a one indoor unit such as a ceiling, wall, duct and cassette and then one outdoor unit.
  3. Commercial Ventilation: Due to the use of AHU ventilation and electrical air curtains with DX coils, this selection of units increase the installation efficiency.
  4. Commercial PACi Twin: suited to installation in large areas due to its combination capacity. This range can mix wall, ceiling, duct and cassette indoor units with a single outdoor unit meaning that the indoor atmosphere will be quieter with more options for temperature control.
  5. The budget also means that both big and small businesses can benefit from the technology without being set back, though the designs are compact and lightweight making it ideal for smaller areas!